Assets bought: 1492.2301
Holders: 5738

System description

1. Deposit and buy assets

2. Wait for futher assets

3. Get profit forever

4. Repeat for more income

Congratulations! You're on and that means that you're about to become reach very soon if only you won't miss your chance. is the best fair and fast investment platform on bitcoins that take care about own users and give them daily income for whole life. is very simple and clear. An user make an investment (buy assets) thereby he gets right to take a part of further investments. This investment devides between all users depending on how many assets each user has. The more assets user got the more share he take. Any user possessing assets will get income forever.

The formule and simple example:

User's share from each invesment equals to user's assets divided to all other user's assets, 1 asset equals to 1 BTC. Thus when a user buys 1 asset for 1 BTC when all assets equals to 3 then all assets becomes 4. The invested bitcoin divides between all users according to their shares. After that the share of the user becomes 25%. That means that the user will get 25% of the further investment then shares of each user recalculates. Received funds could be reinvested or instantly withdrawn.

Minimal amount of assets to buy is 0.01. Minimal withdrawal is 0.01 BTC

Attention for Not confirmed transactions! Please wait for 1 confirmations on Bitcoin network to be credited in your account.

Information above is updating every few minutes.

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How do I get Bitcoins?

First you will need a bitcoin wallet Choose-Your-Wallet, there are tons of sites that offer wallets, and since bitcoins are p2p, you can actually take your wallet with you once you have an address and password. You can purchase bitcoins in Markets.

We recommend that you use - Blockchain Wallet and Create A New Blockchain Wallet

Example calculations

Full automatic bitcoin system -